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VSelect v1.3.9.7 released

01/09/2013 17:46
Another bugfix: this is for the issue where VSelect would sometimes delete items from the ExtraStages and/or Options sections when saving.

VSelect v1.3.9.6 released

27/07/2013 18:35
A bugfix release: corrects an issue where some 5-bit colour portraits would hang the program when loading.

VSelect v1.3.9.5 released

18/06/2012 03:47
The latest version includes an auto-backup feature and a zoom: I don't recommend zooming in too close; memory usage and performance are likely to suffer.  I may try to optimise it in future. The program will now attempt to make a backup of the select.def file before every save. ...

VSelect v1.3.8.1 released

12/06/2012 19:43
This release adds new features for controlling the layout of the select screen; specifically it allows you to lock off areas of the grid so that characters are never placed there.  This way if you have an irregular layout - say, the large portraits overlap the grid and you want to keep the...

VSelect v1.3.7.11 released

13/04/2012 15:29
This is a bugfix release (no new features).  The main issue I've fixed is the reordering of the Extra Stages list - previously when saving changes VSelect would re-sort the list into alphabetical order, which was annoying for several users.  Now the order should be unchanged. There...

VSelect v1.3.7.5 released

25/08/2011 11:41
This release adds a new column - "Included" - to the Characters list, which shows whether the character is included on the current select screen.  By sorting the list on this column (click the column heading) you can group the included characters together, making it easy to see which of the...

VSelect v1.3.7.0 released

29/03/2011 22:28
The new version adds a Stage list, which makes it easy to manage which characters are assigned to which stages.

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