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 Here you can find the latest versions of my Mugen stuff.


VSelect v1.3.9.7 released

01/09/2013 17:46
Another bugfix: this is for the issue where VSelect would sometimes delete items from the ExtraStages and/or Options...

VSelect v1.3.9.6 released

27/07/2013 18:35
A bugfix release: corrects an issue where some 5-bit colour portraits would hang the program when loading.

VSelect v1.3.9.5 released

18/06/2012 03:47
The latest version includes an auto-backup feature and a zoom: I don't recommend zooming in too close; memory...

VSelect v1.3.8.1 released

12/06/2012 19:43
This release adds new features for controlling the layout of the select screen; specifically it allows you to lock...

VSelect v1.3.7.11 released

13/04/2012 15:29
This is a bugfix release (no new features).  The main issue I've fixed is the reordering of the Extra Stages...

VSelect v1.3.7.5 released

25/08/2011 11:41
This release adds a new column - "Included" - to the Characters list, which shows whether the character is included...

VSelect v1.3.7.0 released

29/03/2011 22:28
The new version adds a Stage list, which makes it easy to manage which characters are assigned to which stages.

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